Pouring India

Pouring India is a bankable name and conducts its business operations as a Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide variety of products such as Blood Agar Plates and Agar Slants.

TCBS Agar Plate

TCBS Agar Plate

for selective isolation of Vibrio Cholerae & other enteropathogenic Vibrios causing food poisoning. Prepared Medium - Bluish green coloured clear to slightly opalescent gel forms in Petri plates.


Details :

  • PH Value- 8.6±0.2
  • Cultural Response - Vibrio cholerae- good-luxuriant ,yellow Vibrio fluvialis - good-luxuriant ,yellow Vibrio parahaemolyticus -good-luxuriant ,bluish green Vibrio vulnificus -fair-good ,greenish yellow


Bluish Green Slightly Opalescent Gel