Pouring India

Pouring India is a bankable name and conducts its business operations as a Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide variety of products such as Blood Agar Plates and Agar Slants.

Sheep Chocolate Blood Agar Plates

Price : INR 770.00 / 1 Box

For isolation and cultivation of fastidious microorganisms like Neisseria gonorrhoeae.


Details :

  • Prepared Medium - Basal medium - Light amber coloured clear to slightly opalescent gel.
  • After addition of haemoglobin - Chocolate brown coloured opaque gel forms in Petri plates.
  • PH Value- 7.3±0.2
  • Cultural Response - Neisseria gonorrhoeae- luxuriant >=70% Neisseria meningitidis -luxuriant >=70% Streptococcus pneumoniae -luxuriant >=70% Streptococcus pyogenes -luxuriant >=70% Haemophilus influenzae -luxuriant >=70%


Chocolate Brown Opaque Gel

Additional Information

Product Code CH007
Min. Order Quantity 2 Box
Delivery Time Within 48 Hours